Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The Craftsman opened in Manhattanville last week and we were able to drop in the new bar located on Broadway between Tiemann and LaSalle which which is basically a block south of 125th Street.  There used to be a dive bar here and now the new establishment brings along just a little more polish to it but has a bit of an antique feel to the interior that seats roughly 50 all together.  There are wide banquets in the back that seem to entice the laptop and coffee crowd during the day but at night the lounge area already attracts afterwork revelers.

We especially loved the Catcher in The Rye cocktail which had whiskey, amero, honey cordial and a large orb of an ice cube that kept everything the right temperature for the duration of the drink.  There are also 17 draft beers on tap which makes this a great watering hole for locals but the food is basically just cold items such as cheese plates, pâté, sandwiches and salads from what we can see.

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