Friday, March 10, 2017


The grandest house on Mount Morris Park West is now up on the market for $2.795 million but there are a lot of factors to consider here.  One of the major things to look out for is that the landmark corner building with the distinct turret tower in the historic district probably needs a lot of work and also the fact that address is rooming house.  Apparently the owner and tenants are selling this place so buyers should really know what they are doing here before making a move.  Other than that, the location at 121st Street with park views is probably one of the best in Harlem and the express trains are just a short walk aways at 125th Street.  More details on Streeteasy:  LINK

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  1. This building next door has beautifully restored original details, and like this one is huge. I would expect this to have many original details also, I hope it is not gutted.