Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Another Bespoke tip came this weekend and mentioned that Morningside Coffee has now officially opened on Lenox by 138th Street.  A few photos have come in and the little cafe in Central Harlem promises to have some of the best brew and biscuits to found uptown.

It appears that there are about a half dozen seats within and the interior has a nice bit of character to it.  A mix of vintage furniture and an industrial finishes are all accented with mint green tables in the main seating area of the tiny shop which adds a nice pop of color to the otherwise neutral space. We have not been able to swing by yet but from the looks of the pastries, this new java joint surely an address to check out if one happens to be in the neighborhood.

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  1. The buttermilk biscuits are great! And I know from biscuits, 'cause I grew up in the south!