Monday, May 22, 2017


Harlem Bespoke: The Third Annual Harlem Eatup! Stroll in the park finished up the festival this weekend on Sunday and we were able to drop by the packed event later on in the afternoon.  With perfect weather and seasonable temperatures, everyone pretty much showed up to the foodie event which had tents pitched up in Morningside Park featuring many of the favorite local restaurants represented.  Some of the food stands actually ran out of grub by 4:00PM but we did get to try the signature cod fritters from The Edge, Harlem Burger Co's sliders, roasted pork from the Red Rooster, an Ethiopian wrap from Tsion and the creamiest grits by BLVD Bistro.  There was also a huge main tent where multiple drink sponsors kept the party going and a live DJ helped folks get even more in the mood for the rest of the afternoon. Eatup! always represents some of the great small businesses that Harlem has to offer and it is always a pleasure to see folks in the neighborhood support this uptown extravaganza. 2017

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  1. I went on Saturday and was there from 1 PM until it ended. So much fun!! Definitely going again next year.