Monday, May 22, 2017


Harlem Bespoke:  One of the last places in Harlem that one can find intact Belgian stone used to be under the viaduct on 12th Avenue but all those historical details have been ripped out because of the new Columbia University construction in the immediate area.  Tracks for the 3rd Avenue train were once visible at this intersection but the new development in the area had everything removed.

All appears to have not been lost since the renovations of the public spaces around the campus appears to be recycling much of the stone that used to pave the streets of New York City before asphalt became popular.  We noticed construction workers adding belgian stones at certain intersections of West 125th Street and it appears this detail will be prevalent on the sidewalks of the new outdoor space in the viaduct valley that are currently finishing up.   For photos of those original 3rd Avenue tracks, check out our past post: LINK 2017

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