Monday, June 5, 2017


Number 311 Convent Avenue had a price reduction to $3.5 million and now has a contract out.  The record $5 million sale for Harlem at Number 326 Convent was just across the street and the super expensive details within really sold that particular brownstone.  Number 337 Convent Avenue closed for $4 million back in March and an SRO fixer upper in need of a lot of work is now in contract base on a $2.6 million asking at Number 334 Convent.

As mentioned previously, the big difference at Number 311 is that the home is in the desirable single family layout and all of the original details are marvelously restored in the 20-foot-wide townhouse by 142nd Street.  We probably would change the floor tiles and maybe some of the finishes in the kitchen but all of those things are minor considering the location which is one of the most breathtaking neighborhoods in the city.   Express trains, new restaurants and retail are also just a short walk away on 145th Street.  Get the full details and photos on the broker site: LINK

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