Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Harlem Bespoke: Island Burger on Broadway just a couple of blocks below 125th Street shuttered just a few months ago but now a seafood chain called Loui Loui has opened up on the block.  Apparently the moniker is indicative of Louisiana and cajun boils are the specialty of the eatery that has quite of few locations in Massachusetts.

The interior has a rustic look to it already which is perfect for this type of offering and all that was altered from the previous establishment was the wall mural.  Those who want a spicy seafood hot pot should probably check the new spot out but be prepared to get a little bit messy since these tend to be more of a hands-on endeavor.  We did not have much time to spare so just ordered an oyster basket to see if the basics were solid at the 50-seater restaurant but would probably recommend getting the boiled offerings for future visits. 2017

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