Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  We were invited to try out some of the new cocktails at Mess Hall on Frederick Douglass Boulevard by 118th Street this past weekend and must mentioned that the boutique bar probably serves up the most diverse array of crafted concoctions to be found below 125th Street.   Small batch bourbon, pine liqueur, mezcal, elderflower liqueur or even Thai Rhum are some of the specialty spirits offered up for guests on any given night.

Our first drink was the crisp Apple A Day which had Russell's Reserve Bourbon, Apple Butter, ginger, lemon juice and a clove-spiked apple slice.  Everything tasted familiar with a hit of warmth that made the newcomer an instant classic.
One of our favorite lighter drinks was the Hummingbird Royal which featured Elizabeth Vodka, Elderflower liqueur, orange blossom water and prosecco.  This St. Germain type of cocktail is pretty standard and many spots but the Mess Hall version has a more perfume-like quality with the orange blossom water which is quite enchanting.
Then came the Whiskey and Herb with Larceny Bourbon, Zirbenz Pine Liqueur and a sprig of rosemary which was roasted on the spot before serving.  This sensational but simple combination had a more dry flavor profile which was highlighted by the smokiness of the fresh herb.
The most extraordinary cocktail of the night was the Truth Serum which consisted of Mekhong Thai Rum, lime,pineapple, Demarara syrup and sage.   Mezcal has become popular over the years but Thai rum is something we have never tried and would recommend it to any drink enthusiast who would like to experience something new.   Theres also more on the new menu and we will back in the near future for another review.  More on Mess Hall can be found in our past post: LINK

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