Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Harlem Bespoke: We have been receiving major tips on the a new coffee shop that just opened up at the corner of 149th Street on FDB and dropped by yesterday to check everything out. Fresh flowers, rustic finishes and a charming, expansive space greeted us upon arrival at Common Good which was a refreshing change that really made our morning.

Apparently the soft opening just happened in the past week but the word seems to be out on the street since the 40-seater cafe had a lot of neighbors already dropping by and enjoying the ambiance.  La Colombe coffee along with fresh cookies and muffins that are all baked in-house are also part of the mix. Since retail has gotten so expensive below 145th Street, this location makes perfect sense for a boutique business to thrive because of the built in demand.  There are a lot of residential building in the area and those in the neighborhood definitely would prefer not traveling far to get their java fix.

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