Monday, April 29, 2019


Harlem Bespoke:  We broke the story that Archer & Goat was arriving at 187 Lenox Avenue by 119th Street back in 2016 and the eatery finally debuted within the Mount Morris Park Historic District a couple of months ago.  Everything is set up in a charming landmark brownstone on the garden level but the minimalist glass frontage might be easy to miss at a cursory look.  With that said, we can definitely advise to drop by the eatery for dinner service from Wednesday to Sunday since making the effort is worth the while.  The top photo shows the A&G house burger served up with Queso Blanco, roasted red onion and red bell pepper sofrito which is savory American update with a bit of latin flare that is one of the year's best new offerings that we have tried.

The okra pickles are also a standout as a side to the house beefy specialty and hints to the menu's multi-cutural roots.  Latin and South Asian are the subtle notes diners will discover at this contemporary take on classic dishes such a tagliatelle with seasoned lamb neck, avocado vinaigrette, cilantro and slices of red pepper that just adds a hint of warmth.  A small plate of grilled zucchini with snap peas, paneer cheese, charred jalapenos and saffron was also a refreshing but robust dish to accompany the light evening meal.  Specialty drinks can also be had along with a concise list of beers or wines and we especially like the slushy presentation to the Hibiscus Ginger Agua Fresca with a hint of mezcal.  There is also a garden in the back that will open in the summertime and brunch hours should be arriving soon so there is no excuse to not try out this remarkable 40-seater in Central Harlem.  More on Archer & Goat can be found in our past post: LINK 2019

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