Monday, December 16, 2019


Harlem Bespoke:  Heading towards the last few weeks of 2019, HB will be reviewing some of the best Harlem has to offer for the year.  There has been an uptick in new openings this year and those establishments did shine with overall concept, design, quality of offerings and service.  First up is Best New Bakery 2019:

Dulceria quietly opened on 8th Avenue this weekend on the east side of the boulevard by 119th Street and easily received the award for the best new bakery opening of the year.  The Chilean specialty shop features cakes, pies alongside cookies or small pastries with a latin flair that is quite refreshing and unique to the neighborhood.  Miniature versions of the lemon meringue pies have have three scoops of sweet, creamy fluff that have been slightly toasted and topped with gold leaf. This artisan eye is carried throughout the offerings which many are thankfully small enough to takeaway with an order of coffee at the end counter.

Everything was not fully stocked yet but chef Daniela in the back kitchen makes everything on site and large pies or cakes were filling up the glass display counter when we arrived first thing in the morning.  The other two partners in the business are also life partners in real life and provide a warm welcome to customers seeking a sweet escape from the winter weather.  We will definitely be back at this new confectionery wonderland quite often and there should be even more delightful new treats to try out in the future.  More on Dulceria can be found in our past post: LINK 2019

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