Monday, January 6, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  The first coffee shop to open uptown this year is Le Petit Parisien on Lenox by 118th Street at the former Harlem Coffee Co. space. This cafe actually has an original location downtown and has added the new Harlem location in 2020.  Fresh pastries, croissants and baguette sandwiches are all baked in house daily alongside an assortment of specialty macarons from a local artisan confectionist.  Tables up front and communal seating are also out back for those who want to have a seat and soak in the ambiance or commuters on the go can just make an order at the counter to take on the way out.  For more on Harlem Coffee Co. Check out our pas post: LINK 2020

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  1. Lovely cozy warm spot to sit and sip delicious coffees, and if hungry the fresh baked baguette authentic French sandwiches are their specialty and delicious. I’m eating my way thru the sandwich list. Favorite so far is the Marie Antoinette. I usually grab one to go before work for lunch and sometimes a soup or salad. My daughter orders delivery for after school meal or dinner. So glad to have in our neighborhood. Welcome Le Petit Parisien.