Friday, February 14, 2020


Harlem Bespoke: Uptown's newest cafe has opened at 34 West 126th Street in an old garage storage space of a brownstone and is an instant crowd pleaser on the block.  This little coffeeshop called 9 Tails located just west of Fifth Avenue has a Japanese kissaten feel to it but is actually Korean owned.  Fresh baked pastries and brew can be had at the charming 10-seater that feels quite spacious with an open layout full of light.  Neighbors have already taken notice and foot traffic already appears to be brisk even though the storefront has been open only for 2 weeks.  There is also a lot of green in the back since the plants from the neighboring store can be seen through a glass door and everything just feels like a super cool New York City space yet to be discovered.  Make sure to drop by this weekend! 2020

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