Thursday, July 16, 2020


Harlem Bespoke:  The first review of Baylander Steel Beach has arrived and we were able to make over to the West Harlem Piers today when the clouds started disappearing by mid afternoon. Opening hours during the week start at 3:00PM  and the deck on the former naval ship already had a dozen or so folks on board by the time 3:30PM rolled around.

Once one get up the loading ramp at far West 125th Street, the host greets everyone and tell them they will get their temperatures check along with instructing guests to use the hand sanitizer available up front.  Guests also have to keep masks on until seated and social distancing markers are in place for the bar area. So how was the food?

We had an adult Bacardi frozen lemonade for $10 which came in a plastic cup and a lemon wedge that was pretty much what one would expect to get from a takeout window.  Food also was sharply priced and we wanted to check out the clam strips for $10 which was cooked up at the kitchen further back.  Other deals on the menu include fish tacos and chips which might have been a better option for $12 since our order did not come with fries. As far as the clams go, they were better than the ones served up at Coney Island but not quite as good as the full belly variety that somehow are hard to find in the city.

Another point to note is that their is small upper deck which even has better views so make sure to grab a seat there if any are available. Also the waves do gently rock the boat at times so some might feel a bit uneasy because of the motion be we overall had a great experience and will definitely come back to try out more on the menu.  Weekend hours apparently start up sooner at 2:00PM so early birds should take note.  More on the Baylander Steel Beach in our past post: LINK 2020

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