Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Harlem Bespoke: Plan for Cinco De Mayo this year by making reservations for tomorrow or just call in an order to eat at home.   Calling up or ordering on the website tends to be the best way to get things deliver for those who want to celebrate the holiday at home:

East Harlem: Ollin, East 108th Street and 1st Avenue. Puebla style tacos that are really authentic with slice avocado and cotija cheese can be found and this local East Harlem mom and pop shop. Call in for deliveries: (212) 828-3644

West Harlem: Oso, Amsterdam Avenue by 140th Street.  Handmade tortilla tacos in Hamilton Heights by City College are some of the best in the city.  Order directly by calling up or through the website for delivery: osoharlem.com

Frijolito's, 3446 Broadway by 140th Street.  Just a tiny takeout spot with a few tables for seating but there are great affordable tacos and also Birria.  Call up for an order: (646) 682-9033

Central Harlem: La Diagonal, 18th St. Nicholas Avenue at 119th.  One of the best contemporary Mexican menus in the city.  Eat in or arrange for pickup:  LaDiagonalNYC.com 

Il Caffe Latte, 119th Street and Lenox.  Although not entirely authentic at all, the Korean BBQ tacos AKA bulgogi will be some of the best to tryout this year.  Go through Door Dash or call up to make an order: (212) 222-2241

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