Thursday, March 23, 2023

REMEMBER: The Audubon Ballroom c. 1915

Harlem Bespoke: A photo from 1915 shows the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights at Broadway and 165th Street.  This landmark building was the location where Malcolm X was assassinated back in 1965 and has been restored in recent years.  All of the ornate terra-cotta looks shiny and brand new on the facade but the back end of the theater has a few things missing.  There is a new building attached to that north end and the windows on the upper floor of the historic structure in that section are mere floating frames on a decorative wall (last photo).  Some commercial space exists on the lower floors and the main part of the old ballroom is a memorial to Malcolm X. 

Archival image courtesy the Museum of the City of New York

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