Thursday, July 6, 2023


Harlem Bespoke: The goats are back at Riverside Park and West 120th Street on the upper level! Did you know the word Gotham basically means goat town? Harlem was known as a village full of goats before the brownstones arrived by the end of the 1800s and now everything has gone full circle.

Check out these guys for free all summer starting Wednesday, July 7th at 11:00AM when the official Running of the Goats welcomes the seasonal guests to Riverside Park at Morningside Heights just a couple of blocks south of Grant's Tomb.  There are five all together helping to eat up all the weeds in the park which means do no feed them and also no petting.  Check out the archival photo taken over 100 years ago showing a local goat hanging out at home nearby: LINK

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