Friday, April 10, 2009

☞ SEE: The Manhattanville Viaduct

The above illustration is from a 1901 periodical that describes "one of the most picturesque thoroughfares in New York." Brand-new at the time, the Manhattanville Viaduct over 125th Street provided breathtaking views of the Hudson and all reaches of Harlem. As an architectural wonder of its day, it was compared to the Eiffel Tower. The area to the south was developing into an American Acropolis; in addition to outlines of Columbia University, one can see the initial construction arch of St. John the Divine on the hilltop to the left in the painting. Another interesting structure is that of the massive Manhattanville gas tank that seems to be partially constructed at the far left. For more on the gas tank, connect to the most current post: LINK.  Archival photo courtesy NYPL

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