Monday, August 3, 2009

☞ DWELL: 207 West 131st Street Brownstone

For detail lovers, the Central Harlem brownstone on 207 West 131st Street , between FDB/8th Avenue and ACP/7th Avenue , could be the one to watch. The exterior and interior have all the original 1910 woodwork including handsome entrance doors, pier mirrors and wainscot paneling in the stairwell. The asking price is $995K but the one point not advertised is that the view directly across the street is not a brownstone block but a public housing complex. For the right buyer, there's probably ample wiggle room for the price seeing that the location and also the kitchens in this two family house are not the most ideal. The closest subway is a 10 minute walk to 135th Street which has B,C, local train on St. Nicholas or the 2,3 on Malcolm X/Lenox Avenue.

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