Tuesday, January 26, 2010

☞ DWELL: 11 West 119th Street Brownstone

The red brick townhouse on 11 West 119th Street (far left in photo) between Lenox and 5th Avenue might be priced right for the deal seekers out there but there are a few things that are not ideal. At $450K, the house has been on the market a little under a year and had its priced chopped by $125K in the past six months. It's unclear if the building is a total shell or if the inside is intact since the windows have been covered in plywood. Based on the asking price, we assume it will need $300K or more to get it up and going again. Width wise, the townhouse is probably only 15 foot wide so it's really on the narrow side. The other thing is that there are a couple of open lots right next to the building on the left side and that variable is not always comforting to home buyers. The Mount Morris Historic District ends right before the open lots so what ends up on them could go in any direction. The closest train to this area is the 2,3 express train at 116th or 125th Street. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Historic District continues well west until 7th Ave.

  2. This house is towards the east side of the historic district, right at the corner of 5th Avenue. The open lots and these corner buildings just barely missing being in the perimeter of landmark protection.

  3. nah uh. Buildings are between 5th and Lenox, Just in from Fifth.

  4. The Mount Morris historic distric boundaries are confusing. I'm pretty sure they extend beyond Lennox half way to ACP, although that's on 122nd, so not sure about the other blocks.

  5. Does anyone know how to get in touch w/the seller or broker for this property?

  6. Property Shark and/or Streeteasy will give you the info.

  7. Ulysses is right. This row of houses and the empty lots are not part of the MMPHD. As you can see on the link at the bottom of this post, these houses are not included. Interestingly, the large apartment building at 2 W.120th St. is also not included. You can also see from the link that the back property lines for these buildings are diagonal (i.e., not paralel to the front property lines). I read somewhere that this is because W. 120th formerly ran diagonally from MMP West to Fifth Ave. As you can see from the second link of the Benson Farm, the diagonal appears to run along an old property line. Perhaps the road ran along the old property line.

    Each of these buildings is listed at 14 ft. wide or just under and not as deep as the typical townhouse (partly due to the shorter lot). I was inside 9 W. 119th during the 2006 MMP Brownstone tour, and the footprint is indeed very small.

    It also appears that this row of houses is one of the oldest in the immediate area, which surprises me. Given the brick front, I would have thought that they were younger. They appear in the 1885 map below, when the rest of the area is mostly empty blocks. The area has filled up by 1897 and the tennement buildings appear by 1916.

    By the way, the number for the seller is on the sign in the window of the building.

    MMPHD Map http://www.nyc.gov/html/lpc/downloads/pdf/maps/mt_morris_park.pdf

    Benson Farm Map

    1885 Map

    1897 Map

    1916 Map

  8. Broker 917-538-4916

  9. I was just told it is in contract, no idea for how much though..