Thursday, January 21, 2010

☞ WALK: Old Tomo Space Gets Demo Treatment

The faux Japanese restaurant by the Columbia campus strip of Broadway has been closed about a year now, and it seems there are some signs of life in the abandoned commercial space. The former branch of the Ollie's Chinese restaurant chain didn't fool sushi connoisseurs uptown as it really got panned for the food, but that wasn't the downfall of the place. Apparently, many of the Chinese workers were being underpaid ($2 per hour), and they won a very large lawsuit against the owner, which in turn caused the demise of the popular student restaurant. We actually liked the design of the interior and the exterior (the coolest neon sign in the nabe), but it seemed that construction workers were completely gutting the inside yesterday. We witnessed wheelbarrow-loads of detritus being shoveled out on to a truck waiting at the curb. What's next for 2850 Broadway and 111th Street? The work permit only shows that the place was approved for an interior demo but nothing else. Anybody out there with any tips? Photos by Ulysses

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