Thursday, October 21, 2010

☞ EAT: Island Salad on 125th Street

A reader mentioned that we should follow up on Island Salad at 22 East 125th Street since the new restaurant is one of the only healthy eateries to open along Harlem's main street.  Last December, Milo Meed opened up his tropical themed salad bar with the help of the building's owner who reduced the rent to let the business take off: LINK.

Everything is pretty straight forward at the charming salad shop which is basically a take-out place with a lot of character. The storefront has a bright exterior and interior which includes mosaic pebble stone tiles at the entrance, bamboo floor in the dining area and tropical colors all around.  Salads are freshly made to order with a very pleasant crew on hand up front.  Some of the more designer salad options run in the $7 range but the portions and ingredients such as Jerk chicken are worth the extra change.

Lunch time seems to get a lot of traffic from walk-ins along with folks who work at the Harlem Children's Zone across the street but the lines move quickly.  Mr. Meed himself is also often on hand behind the counter and greeting guests.  Anyways, this is a great everyday restaurant to check out for some healthy eats.


  1. They also offer a good customer card.

  2. I'm so glad to see this place still going strong after almost a year in business. my original fears that it wouldn't survive were clearly unfounded. well done, milo!

  3. Good to see it's busy during lunchtime, since I have always wondered about this place because it's fairly empty when I walk by on my commute home.

    I visited once, and I'd love to give business to this great local outlet, but in this day of value-consciousness, I can make salad for a week for $7.

  4. I've been a few times. The garden out back is also very pleasant to eat it. The staff will also let you taste the different salad dressings if you're unsure and can suggest beverages and food options of you're stuck. A great spot in Harlem!