Friday, October 1, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The Harlem Genesis Buildings

We were recently informed that the  new grey brick building at FDB/8th Avenue and 112th Street (which is currently getting glassed) is actually one of three developments that are all part of the Harlem Genesis deal.  The owner entity is Genesis FSLM Partners LLC which consists of a partnership between L+M Development Partners alongside Genesis Companies and has three sites: 2078-80 FDB, 311 West 141st Street and 203-209 West 119th Street.   All three buildings are rentals - FDB has 30 units, 119th has 36 units and 141st has 20 units. They apparently are now all affordable units between 80-130% of area median income and will be provided through a lottery

As far as the reports on paperwork that details the FDB building with 18 market rate condos and 4 affordable units, it appears that was the initial plan but has since changed in direction.  Seeing that sales have picked up along this corridor recently, Genesis might be better off switching back to the original idea. Anyways, there's no lottery info out yet but we will try to get that information as it becomes ready.  Read more on 2078-2080 FDB in our past post: LINK.   Check out our past posts  on 311 West 141st (LINK) or 203-209 West 119th Street: LINK.


  1. Rental and affordable units only? Why? Doesn't make sense as sales have been picking up recently.

  2. Has anybody been selected from the lottery for the genesis affordable apartments yet? In the past, people start to get letters about a month after the application deadline. I haven't heard anything but I'm wondering if they are behind schedule. The building on 113th has at least another month to go before it's ready for people to start moving in. The original advertisement said early winter occupancy but it's looking more like early spring.

  3. I actually just got a letter today! Interview is next week. Exciting, but no guarantees. Also, some of the upper rents on the FDB property (most desired location of the three, of course) are a tad high, IMO. $2186 for a 2 bedroom...not sure how "affordable" that is, but considering the location, etc. could be quite alright. Wondering how far they got into construction before changing the status from market rate condos to affordable housing. Not too far, I'm sure.

    I'll keep you posted on how things go. Anyone else get a letter or familiar with the process?

  4. i just finish the application/interview and viewing of the apartment process. all i am waiting on is the approval of the city housing development. Hopefully i will be moving in sometime next week.The building i was approved for is the one on 119 street. its preety neat. brand new appliances, hardwood flooring,tons of closet space, and a gym and courtyard in the basement of the building. i will post pictures