Thursday, February 3, 2011

☞ DRINK: Joe the Art of Coffee Warms Things Up

We recieved a tip that the popular downtown local coffee shop called Joe the Art of Coffee just opened up curiously on the 2nd floor of the new metal-clad and vented Columbia science building (at 120th and Broadway) that had finished up in the past year. It's unclear if just any pedestrian can walk into the new CU building in Morningside Heights without I.D. so we're not sure if this one is a student-only venture or not.  A recent Spectator article mentioned that the small local franchise run by a brother and sister team usually has a more intimate 20-seat environment but this new location holds up to 70 coffee drinkers under one austere, marble-clad chamber: LINK.  There are a lot of small storefronts in the brownstone areas of Harlem so these guys should really try to set something up on street level next time. Here's the website for more details:


  1. According to the following (from the web site), the space is definitely accessible to the public:

    "Hours are 8AM-8PM M-F and 9-5 weekends! Public access from West 120th street between Broadway and Amsterdam or through campus."

  2. Nearly all Columbia buildings don't require IDs, which I've always found ridiculous.

  3. Looks very nice. Will have to check it out.

    If this kind of thing comes to Manhattanville, I'll be delighted.