Tuesday, March 8, 2011

☞ READ: The Harlem WSJ House Final Delays

The Wall Street Journal's series on one reporter's renovations of a South Harlem brownstone might of wrapped up a couple of months back but delays with paperwork have prevented any move-ins at this point.  According to the article, when Con Ed refuses to install your gas meter without giving a specific reason, it is because a gas inspection has not been scheduled yet. The brownstone then failed that inspection since the 94% efficient boiler bought for the building needed some additional venting that is not typically standard.  The homeowner had to ditch the high-efficiency model and get the standard one but at this point the contractor was about to take flight. Since the failed inspections prevented any work from being done, the contractor did not get payment by the bank which finances the renovations and the owners therefore had to shell out a bit of cash from a retirement fund to finish the job. All of the townhouse interior looks to be complete now (except for refinishing the stairway) and the next step is to finally get the furnishings in.  Read more in the Wall Street Journal: LINK.  Photos by Jennifer Taylor


  1. "My husband Vijay had insisted that we get the most efficient boiler on the market, as part of his campaign to make our house energy efficient. But apparently, the 94% efficient boiler we purchased was vented improperly."

    I think Vijay will be sleeping on the sofa!

  2. Wow. They really stripped that sucker down, didn’t they.

  3. That's sounds about right for renovation nightmares!!
    The WSJ editor is lucky they don't have to deal with
    a Co-Op since they own an entire townhouse.