Thursday, October 27, 2011

☞ REMEMBER: The Central Harlem Townhouse

We have just started catching up again with the Central Harlem townhouse renovations in the West 130s and will be posting more interiors but wanted to compare an old facade photo in the meantime. One of the more interesting lost features of the house seen in the 1942 tax photo is that the cornice area had a very unique pediment and balustrade detail.  There was also a balustrade above the portico entrance which no longer exist today.  On a larger scale, there appears to have been a very substantial apartment building next door at one point and an amazing community garden exists there today: LINK. Check out our past post to see the house as a shell: LINK


  1. Beautiful garden/pond. Quite an inspriation for all our Harlem bare spots - and even our own backyards.
    You are on a roll with so many wonderful posts!

  2. The tax photos are such a great resource in documenting preserving the city. I wonder why they are typically at an angle rather than straight façade shots. However I prefer these angled shots as it captures the neighboring buildings, street perspective and the stoop can be seen in relief.