Tuesday, November 29, 2011

☞ SHOP: Back at Auberge Laurent

More signs of progress at Auberge Laurent can be seen in the past week since new decorative details have started to appear in the windows.  The wine lounge with petit plates at 200 Lenox does not have a set open date yet but the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association will be having their annual holiday gala at the space next Thursday: LINK.  As far as the storefront appearances goes, it seems that this particular look has not offended anyone but the name did have to be changed at one point because of some community concerns: LINK.  Does anyone know if the space will be open before the new year?


  1. Ulysses, according to Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association's website... "Auberge Laurent opens officially to the public on Friday, December 9."

  2. Mount Morris Association announced today that their holiday even will be held at Settepani because Auberge will not be ready.