Wednesday, February 15, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 53 West 126th Street Rises

Back in November, an empty lot on West 126th Street between Fifth Avenue and Lenox had some construction activity on site and now it looks like the new building has topped off.  Number 53 West 126th Street was demolished sometimes back in 2009 on a predominantly brownstone block and now the newcomer looks to be more on the modern side.  We are not big fans of very low,  4-story buildings with terraces on them but this appears to be the trend with some developers.  Another interesting point on this new construction is that the windows are not very symmetrically aligned.  On the positive side, this is at least one more empty lot that gets built on in the upcoming year.


  1. Wow, what's up with those windows? Can it be deliberate? Could anyone make that big a mistake?

  2. Anybody know the plan for this building and the one a few doors down on 126th that's also being rehabbed? Rentals or condos?