Friday, April 27, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: Harlem Reno with Moroccan Tiles

When we last visited the Central Harlem renovation house, the master bath was being set up with classic marble finishes but we also had a preview of more exotic tile work in other parts of home.  Houses in the 19th and earlier 20th Century often had colorful encaustic or other hand-glazed tiles so the Moroccan tile treatment on the walls of a guest bath (lower photo) is actually contextual to the style of the historic house.  The homeowner also used these custom tiles for the fireplace surrounds when original glazed subway tiles could not be found. These Moroccan tiles provide a bright, colorful accent to the house without taking over the mostly neutral theme found throughout the home.  We have been to the specialty shop in downtown Chelsea to look at the range of encaustic and Moroccan tiles offered and those interested should check out this website: LINK


  1. Beautiful bathroom! I've been (slowly) restoring a house in Sugar Hill and have wanted to do something like this in the parlor floor bath, which doesn't have any original detail left. The link to the store in Chelsea doesn't seem to be working and I'm wondering if you would mind posting the name. I'd love to go have a look. Thanks so much.

  2. The link has been updated and is now working. This store is amazing. Good luck with the renovations!

  3. This store is quite a find! Thank you for this.