Thursday, June 28, 2012

☞ SHOP: Kuro Kuma Coffee in Manhattanville

 A Bespoke reader sent in the above photo of  a new coffee shop that is set to open over on LaSalle Street in Manhattanville.  This residential block roughly around 123rd Street and Broadway already has the great Italian restaurant Pisticci on it but the storefront next door has been empty for quite some time.  Other recent arrivals to this section of Broadway located right below the new Columbia Manhattanville campus site include Jin Ramen, Bettolona and Chokolat.


  1. Had a cappuccino there this morning. It was the best I have had for ages.

  2. I brought a pile of work into the welcoming Kuro Kuma late this afternoon. While I sat there writing thank you notes, many repeat customers came in, and all seemed happy to be there. This is a cozy, airy storefront, with calming colors, gentle music, and very pleasant staff (one of the proprietors, David Jang, was behind the counter, pouring the delicious chai lattes). I will be back!