Wednesday, July 25, 2012

☞ REVIVE: A Set of Three on Historic Lenox

Within the period of two years, the three brownstone shells just north 122nd Street have gone under major restoration process to renovate them accurately to their original grandeur.  It all started with number 245 Lenox which has now been accurately restored and is a multi-family home.  Then the corner building at 241 Lenox Avenue started up renovations back in 2011 and finished up earlier this year.

As for number 243, it appears the city had to step in and start the process of suing the owner to get repairs done and all worked out at the end since that formerly derelict brownstone is going through the final phases of facade rehabilitation today.  If these properties were not in the Mount Morris Park Historic District, the city would have been powerless to force the owners to clean up their properties but their designation has since saved them from demolition and have provided more adaptive reuse housing for uptowners.  Now the only other major restorations needed to be had in the area would be further south at 190 and 192 Lenox Avenue.

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