Friday, November 2, 2012

☞ SHOP: Luxury Pet Spa Arriving on St. Nicholas

Another boutique pet salon is apparently opening in Harlem based on a photo sent in by a Bespoke reader.  Paw Prints of Harlem has posted up a sign in front of storefront at 115th Street and St. Nicholas announcing its arrival in South Harlem.  The luxury pet spa will not be the first on St. Nicholas Avenue since one such establishment opened up further north on Sugar Hill last summer: LINK.  Then there is the Doggedly Devoted daycare that just opened over on 116th Street just a couple of blocks over: LINK.  Another South Harlem pet establishment called Montreal Pet Care can also be found over on FDB and 113th: LINK.  Is Harlem becoming a neighborhood of pampered pets?


  1. Good to see there is a demand for Harlemites who wish to splurge on their four legged friends as we are a city of animal lovers. But I cannot imagine what is at a pet spa, massage, manicure, aromatherapy?

    1. Sure is if you're in Chesea

  2. By "pets" do they mean all pets or just dogs? Because really, unless you serve multiple species, you should just come out and say that you only serve dogs. Cats are pets, too, and while they're not the most social animals, I know my kitty would love a place with luxury scratching posts, organic catnip, and a kitty massage.

    Paw prints, throw the cats a bone. Preferably one with some tasty fish attached.

  3. they service cats as well!