Thursday, May 15, 2014


Traffic calming measures proposed by the DOT will finally be implemented over by Morningside Park after being stalled for 9 months at Community Board 10.  In this time period, videos such as the above, 1,000 signatures from a local community group, an approval from CB9 and even a push from notable politicians, have finally convinced CB10 into making a change that does not side with a car-centric mentality. Basically the four lane road from 116th to 126th Street will be reduced to two lanes and include wide center pedestrian islands to help reduce the inclination for drivers to speed but also makes it more safe for pedestrians to cross.  This actually also provides room for bike lanes but it is unclear if the government will proceed with this part of the new road diet.

Traffic calming measures have been proven a success on ACP but somehow the community board deemed them a failure until statistical proof from the DOT had been revealed that new road diets drastically reduced accidents without impeding on commute times.  Stephen Miller of the Streets Blog was at the meeting last night and tweeted the final response from the CB10 chair:

Henrietta Lyle, CB 10 chair on Morningside plan: “The community wants this. We may not want this, but we are going to support the community"


  1. Fantastic news! Really happy with this.

  2. Why it took so long? What exactly is the qualifications of the CB10 members?

  3. Can someone explain how DOT needs to get permission from the CB to make the streets safe? makes no sense

    1. DOT doesn't need it legally, but by convention, defers to the CBs.

  4. One member of CB Ten actually told me that bicycles "were not in their culture".