Monday, August 18, 2014


Back in January, we received tips that the grand old building at 288 St. Nicholas Avenue was set for demolition and now a sidewalk shed has appeared at this corner of 125th Street.   The top floors had been abandoned for some time but the landlord was still leasing the commercial spaces at street level until recently.  Checking on the DOB site, it does appear that paperwork has been filed for a new 2-story construction on this particular site so this part 125th Street history will soon disappear.  We are not sure why the formerly residential address could not be converted into a mixed use building since the demand is so high for such developments.  The express train at the corner of this location really makes it desirable since this is one of the key transportation hubs for Central and West Harlem

Read our original post back in January for more details on 288 St. Nicholas: LINK


  1. Sorry to see this handsome building go with is very nicely detailed brick facade.

  2. I expect we'll hear more calls for Trader Joe's!

  3. Didn't previous posts suggest that a TGI Friday's is coming in here? Ugh, please spare us. I understand on one hand that gut renovations with older buildings like this are often more expensive than demolishing and starting over (especially with building codes), but c'mon, how did CB10 approve this? The landslide has to be stopped somewhere...

  4. Can't anything be done to save this building? It should be preserved.

  5. Rezoning of 125th Street has a double-edged sword!!

  6. clearly this building should be saved and re-used. who is the owner with such short sided thinking?
    this is why people hate landlords ...and I am one of them.

    I would be happy to buy this and lovingly restore it.

    seriously ,, what a jerk to destroy what makes harlem great. and its replacement is smaller. makes no sense