Wednesday, January 21, 2015


UPDATE: Based on a tip by a Bespoke reader, this location has been confirmed to be the new home of Lulu's Taqueria which had its liquor license approved by CB10 back in Ocotober.

Perks at 123rd and Manhattan Avenue closed a few years back but the brownstone commercial space started up renovations this past summer.  The interior looked like it had been coming along quite well but the facade has had one notable change recently.  French door finishes have now been put in place to make the space more inviting albeit in a faux fashion (these are not true paneled portals but the more affordable mock ones).  Manhattan Avenue is so close to Harlem's major commercial corridor and FDB's condo valley that it would only make sense that some of the storefronts finally reopen again.  We still do not have a name for new establishment at Number 533 but it looks like a Spring opening might reveal all.


  1. It looks like it's a Mexican place called "Lu Lu's Taqueria" -

    Hopefully it'll be a good addition to the area.

  2. A friend and I were walking our dogs past this place a few weekends ago and talked one of the owner/managers who was very friendly and excited to be in the neighborhood and offering authentic Mexican food at a reasonable price. I believe it's the same people who run Cantina on ACP right above Central Park.