Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The restaurant boom over the past 5 years in Harlem has brought some great dining options uptown but somehow a truly cozy romantic eatery is hard to find above 110th Street .  Basically the establishment should have a more private boutique feel without harsh modern lines.  Fresh flowers, nothing but soft music in the background and a lack of a noisy bar with large television screens dominating the view are also other important elements to make it on this list. So what are the options uptown that are perfect for Valentine's Day?

Well leave it to the French to really get the mood thing right in Harlem.  Our top choice includes  Maison Harlem at 127th  on St. Nicholas Avenue which hits all the right notes on ambiance, food and noise level for a romantic night out.  Equally as charming but with a little more modern French fare is Chez Lucienne on Lenox just north of 125th Street. For one of the most unique intimate interiors in town, Cheri on Lenox at 121st Street has that Je ne sais quoi element to it and we especially like the venue for drinks and deserts or brunch.

Next up would be the great Italian spots uptown which also know a thing or two about romance.  Vinateria is our top choice for food and ambiance but has a slightly more contemporary feel to it than other traditional spots.  Another great option would be Anchor Wine Bar which just opened in Hamilton Height last year by 143rd Street and Broadway.  Last but not least, is an old favorite tucked away in Manhattanville.  Pisticci is probably the most modest of all of the cozy Harlem spots but the food and charm of the interior keeps the eatery on LaSalle Street packed almost every evening.

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  1. Cheri is a really special place. Ever since it opened, we do all our special days - birthdays, V-day, anniversaries - there. It always feels like "an occasion" there. Maison Harlem is where we take all our friends - and they are always impressed. The owners are great. Really need to try to some of these Hamilton Heights places! They all look great and love that new stuff is opening up over there.