Tuesday, November 24, 2015


While downtown restauranteurs are still trying to figure out how to get into the Harlem dining scene, it looks like the uptown business owners are taking advantage of great locations as they come available.  The lounge 9A under the viaduct on 12th Avenue took the misstep of having a sports bar type atmosphere but a lease has been now signed for this corner of 133rd Street by one of the owners of a successful crafted drinking establishment on the lower FDB corridor.
Signs are now up for Solomon & Kuff's Rum House which will be the next venture for 67 Orange Street bar owner Karl Franz who makes the best cocktails in Harlem.  The notable Harlem mixologist also knows how to create a destination spot that has more of a boutique aesthetic which will be important at this out of the way location.  With that said, the Hudson River views and the dramatic viaduct are good reason to drop by this location for drinks if the space is done just right.  A beer garden to be open by The Grange pub's owners will also debut at a unique space just a block over and Manhattanville might finally transform into a mini MePa in the coming months: LINK

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  1. This space is perfect, and with the right reason to travel west will be important. Great post, I agree with everything written and above all am very excited this space is coming to life. Plus all of us Hamilton Heights folks are just a 1 train ride away