Monday, December 21, 2015


Harlem's most notable mixologist has opened up the Caribbean style bar called Solomon & Kuff which is the type of establishment that should have arrived at the location many years ago.  The owner of 67 Orange Street on FDB already knows how to make fantastic drinks in a tiny speakeasy space but how will a larger location on 12th Avenue by 133rd Street with a more demanding menu work out?  We dropped by this past weekend for the soft opening and were quite impressed. Check out the full review after the jump.

A bar menu was only available at this point in time along with the house cocktails so we tried out a few small plates and the signature drink.  First off was the fish and with fried lemon crisps which had excellent fresh cod chunks paired with thin slices of lemon that were served up like potato chips.  Overall this was a strong and interesting variation on a classic but the next dish really wowed us.  Anyone who ever had grilled japanese miso glaze eggplant will know that it is one of the best meatless dishes to be ever invented and the jerk spice version at S&K is spectacular.  There is a lot of flavor and heat to the dish with a voluptuous, satisfying flavor that most whole vegetable options cannot compete with.  This signature menu item alone made us look forward to a full dinner service when things will eventually be fully up and running.

Drinks like the Dark & Stormy with Jamaican rum and homemade ginger beer for $14 dollars are all worth the price for those seeking that particular lounge scene but fine diners who want to try some great food should arrive before 9:00PM when the moderate size seating section is still pretty quiet. This former factory space has high ceilings which make the perfect setting for the dramatic rum barrels behind the bar and the candle light interior provides a romantic getaway in the early evening.  Read more about Solomon & Kuff in our past post: LINK

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