Thursday, December 17, 2015


Red Rooster on Lenox just north of 125th Street was one of the first restaurants a few years back to have a large Christmas tree placed out front in celebration of the holidays.  This was somewhat of a bold move since many in the past worried that anything of this size placed out in public might not last long but the tradition has now been going strong for several years.  We also noticed that more local restaurants are celebrating in a similar fashion this season with big trees out front of such uptown eateries as Harlem Tavern on 116th and Cheri on Lenox doing the same.  Those looking for a little Christmas cheer should drop by the local eateries and bars since they are now easier to get into because business does get a bit slower this time of year.  Many folks start heading out of town this week so those who are in the city can more easily enjoy the local hot spots.

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