Wednesday, January 27, 2016


                                        Photo: Basquiat by Gianfranco Gorgoni 

Some big names in the art world have established themselves uptown with Thelma Golden, Gavin Brown and Ugo Rondinone leading the way but one iconic insider has also been in the neighborhood for quite some time.  Photography legend Gianfranco Gorgoni has also been a Harlem resident all these years but is more known internationally as the art world insider with intimate portraits of some of the most important names in the contemporary movement.  An image of Warhol with a Great Dane, Keith Haring climbing a fence and several candid photos of Basquiat are just part of a wide breadth of work taken since the early 70s that is often not scene publicly uptown.  We actually collaborate with the artist's daughter who will be presenting a collection at the aforementioned Fashion Week event and there will be framed prints available from Mr. Gorgoni for the serious collectors.  The selection will be edited (not necessarily the images discussed) and more details about the presentation will be revealed next week: LINK

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  1. Well Gianfranco Gorgoni's subject Jean-Michel Basquiat has a Harlem connection as well. After running away from his parent's home in Queens the artist, who was then virtually homeless took art classes at Harlem's Childrens Art Carnival located on Hamilton Terrace in Hamilton Heights.