Thursday, June 30, 2016


We were not sure if the new Gavin Brown gallery in Manhattanville was officially open to public but decided to venture out with a friend this week to the former Bernheimer & Schwartz brewery at 439 West 127th Street.  Artist Ed Atkins currently has a show up but most pedestrians walking by the doorway located just east of Amsterdam Avenue would probably not know that a gallery existed in the space.

There are no signs indicating the gallery storefront but the number 439 can be seen on a pair of glass doors by the tower garage somewhere in the middle of the block.  Black glass conceals what is inside but those who enter will get a glimpse of the raw space on the first floor with several walls projecting the show in the darkness.  Stairwells in back lead up to a few more floors that each have different chambers for viewing and the final level is at the top of the aforementioned tower.  Our only caveat here is to tell visitors to dress comfortably since it gets a bit humid inside but overall the adaptive reuse interior provides a worth-while experience.  Those really into the art world should definitely check out the unique gallery from Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

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  1. existed in the space. Although the experience does sound exhausting