Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The shell that was gut renovated in the past couple of years at 315 West 112th Street has apparently sold the two condo units within for a notable number.  Streeteasy has the closing prices at $3.42 million and $3.05 million which probably has to do a lot with the location just around the corner from the FDB commercial corridor and also the quality of the interior along with the complete facade restoration.  Marble baths and paneling on the cabinetry makes the space modern and classic at the same time which buyers appear to really be responding to.

There is an empty lot next door which apparently can not be built on from what we have heard.  This is probably not the greatest situation but at least there are side windows in place now that will not be obstructed in the future.  More photos and details on the broker site: LINK

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