Friday, May 18, 2018


Harlem Bespoke:  The most famous block of speakeasies during the Harlem Renaissance years was West 133rd Street between 7th Avenue and Lenox.  The Nest, Tillie's, Log Cabin, Hansberry's Clam House, Catagonia, Bank's Club and more made the street the destination spot for a night out on the town during the Prohibition era.  These were mostly smaller establishments tucked inside residential brownstones and bigger venues such as Small's Paradise or Cotton Club were not too far away on the adjacent boulevards.

Jungle Alley had over 20 establishments which kept the Swing Street busy all week but now is silent and has been forgotten by most.  A majority of the block was pretty much intact until the former Nest building was demolished a few year's ago and now a taller glassy structure stands at the former historic location.  For those who want a little more on the jazz clubs of the era should check out the video on Channel Thirteen: LINK 2018

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