Monday, November 16, 2009

☞ INTRODUCING: Oui, Oui Crepes & Pizza Opens

Oui, Oui Crepes and Pizza has finally opened! While making our usual rounds, we noticed that the small storefront of Oui, Oui Crepes and Pizza was no longer under construction. As luck would have it, today is the shops grand opening and we had to check out the menu. Once inside the tight space, a crew of charming African-French gentleman were greeting the customers and a few local neighbors were trying out the pizza.

We have had lots of pizza in the city so it had to be the salted crepes for our first endeavor here. Our choice for today was the Manhattan crepe (lower photo) which was the ham, egg and cheese option but the other combinations such as the Harlem crepe (chicken, cheese and egg) or the Bamako crepe (beef and cheese) sounded equally enticing. The cook behind the counter spreads the batter out on the pan and the crepe is prepared as you wait. It's all handed over, folded on a plate and eaten by hand. The crepe's thin chewy crust was perfectly cooked and contrasted nicely with the fresh, savory ingredients in the center. It's a bit of French-style street food right here in the heart of Harlem.

Other specialties to look our for are the sweet crepes with names such as Tropical (Nutella and banana), West Indies (Nutella and coconut), or the Frazier (jelly and strawberries). There's also the pizza topped with merguez which is a spicy North African sauasage that's not to be missed. Oui, Oui Crepes and Pizza is on 2167 Adam Clayton Powell/7th Avenue, between 128th and 129th Street, Tel. 212-866-3020 (free deliveries). Closest subways are the 2,3 and A,B,C,D at 125th Street. Photos by Ulysses

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