Wednesday, November 11, 2009

☞ READ: City Shuts Down Jazz on the Villa

This week's NY Post article outlines the city's closure of potentially hazardous youth hostels in the city. With this lucrative type of business popping up left and right in Harlem, business owners might have to step back and figure out the safety issues. Hostel lodging is especially compatible to former SRO building layouts, but safety conditions are now questioned since a single room could have up to five (bunk) beds in them and fire escape routes are not adequate enough for this increased amount of occupancy. We mentioned the Jazz on the Villa Hostel when covering the history of the house on 129th Street, between 5th Avenue and Lenox, in our past post and always thought it was pretty legit. The church-owned property was shut down a week ago, and it still remains unclear if the hostel will try to open again in the future. Jazz on the Villa is at 12 West 129th Street between 5th Avenue and Malcolm X (Lenox Avenue). Take the 2,3 train to 125th Street. Read more in the NY Post article: LINK. See our past post with a historic photo on this distinct house in central Harlem: LINK

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  1. These hostels are a valuable part of Harlem and as noted are becoming more popular. I like them as they bring in young international back packers to Harlem who add much needed diversity and these travelers also become ambassadors for debunking Harlem’s outdated bad reputation overseas. Sorry to see this place go.