Sunday, February 7, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: Best Yet Market Opens

For folks who don't already know, Best Yet Market on FDB/8th Avenue has opened and apparently is doing brisk business in its first weekend. The crowd which included many young families shopping together reminded us of the cross section of folks you would find at Fairway. The food selections is a definite step up for South Harlem and folks will no longer have to head to Whole Foods on 97th Street, Fairway on 132nd Street or West Side Market at 110th and Broadway for better items. The stand outs at BYM include several specialty stations that serve bread and pastries, cheeses, fresh seafood and even olives. There's also a couple of kiosk with fancier prepared plates that are standard in deluxe markets but often missing uptown. Another perk is the in-store seating which could be found out front at the bakery and upstairs at the small cafe (top right of second photo). There seems to be some stock that could be filled but the space is pretty complete.

Overall, BYM is probably closer in appeal to West Side Market than any of its other competitors. The only minor issue with the food purveyor didn't even involve food. The cut flower selection is always a luxury to have in any deluxe market but the assortment at Best Yet could improve with a little more focus on bulb plants, tropical species and seasonal floral branches (hey, designers are picky when it comes to blooms). The Best Yet market is located at 2195 Frederick Douglas Boulevard/8th Avenue, between 118th and 119th Street. Closest subways are the B,C at 116th Street. Read more about Best Yet in our previous post: LINK.


  1. we went there today
    very nice
    prices comparable to or better than fairway
    well laid out helpful staff
    could add more organics and have suggested it to them

  2. how does it compare to the WholeFoods on Columbus and 96th? Apart from being closer to the neighbourhood?

  3. whole foods is nicer, bigger and has better selection for the kind of things we like. On the other hand it is much more expensive. Probably the strategy is to use BYM for daily needs and once in a while go to WF or TJ (coming) for specialty products.
    Of course if BYM listens and brings in more organic products then the incentive to go to WF is gone. TJ's is a level above both, so those trips may still be in the offing.

  4. What is TJ's? Where is it opening? Thanks.

  5. I’ll stick w/my beloved FineFare for everyday. And that Whole Foods is so not crowded. At least for now. And their house brands are reasonable. Oddly their Stonyfield quarts of yoghurt are cheaper than FineFare by about a buck.

    I have never understood the appeal of Fairways.

    Will definitely check this place out though. More the merrier.

  6. TJ's for now is by NYU -- west 14th and 3rd
    no comp for anything else if you are into snacks and organic
    It is opening at 72nd and Broadway by April and will deliver to our area. Hopefully it has a wine store. We are addicted to the 2.99 wine at TJ's

    Fine Fare is fine but BYM is best -- lol -- by comparison.
    good to have both in the neighborhood.
    Forgot Pathmark since we rarely go to it. It is better for total junk food -- caters to all the bad urges at low prices.

  7. TJ's at 72nd Street? That is way farther than Whole Foods on 97th. No thanks.

  8. Best Yet is nice, great prices on produce and fresh fish. BUT, they need to upgrade the red meat and chicken selections. On the two days I have been there was no organic or sustainably sourced beef and there was only one inferior brand of natural chicken called "Heartland" or something. At the very least they need to sell Murray's chicken. I have mentioned it and ask that others who are concerned mention it to them also. I would love to give them the bulk of my food shopping dollars but can't until the natural/organic selection is better.

  9. ulysses i am a new floral vendor for best yet please let me know of what you think of their newer line of flowers. thanks