Tuesday, March 30, 2010

☞ DWELL: 5 West 121st Street in Contract

Some time last month, the brownstone at 5 West 121st Street (center of photo) went into contract within just a couple of weeks of being listed. The building, which is located within the Mount Morris Park Historic District (just two buildings west of the park), is in contract even with a grand asking price of $1.65 million. The 20-foot wide, three-family brownstone hasn't had any work done on it in some time, so it will be interesting to see where the final price landed at. We walked by a couple of days ago, and there hasn't been any activity on the property, so maybe the deal still has yet to be settled. The nearest subway to this location is the 2,3 at 125th Street. Photo by Ulysses


  1. Any idea what the sq. ft was on this place? Trying to find info/pics but can't find anything. Thanks.

  2. record shows 4,393 residential square feet.

  3. Thanks anon. Looks like a nice place. Would be great to see pictures of the interior though.