Wednesday, July 14, 2010

☞ DRINK: Bier International Work in Progress

Another week and another beer garden update. As of last night, the highly anticipated Harlem beer garden called Bier International (at 113th and FDB/8th Avenue) is still working on the interior of its space and still hasn't really changed much in appearance from last week. So maybe end of July will be the realistic goal for the drinking establishment? Read all about Bier International in our past post: LINK. The nearest subway to this location is the B,C at 110th or 116th Street. Current photo by Ulysses.


  1. As guidance, the owner, Chris Pollack, owns the trendy Lavagina on Ave. C, which has the following prices for beer. Heineken, Stella Artois, Red Stripe, Amstel Light, Sol, Bass (all $6), Hoegaarden ($7), Tusker (Kenya - $7), Goose Island Stout ($8). I am hoping we don't see a "Harlem premium" price increase on the cost of a beer here versus on Ave C. It's been a long time since my Peace Corp gig in Tanzania and would love a Tusker @ $7 in Harlem.

  2. if we are making wish lists:

    good IPAs please - Lagunitas, Rogue, Bear Republic, Stone, Dogfish Head...

  3. someone send me email when its open.