Tuesday, August 31, 2010

☞ SEE: Howard Bennett Courts in the WSJ

The Howard Bennett Playground, between 5th and Lenox Avenue on West 135th Street was featured in a Wall Street Journal short video on how various local tennis courts maintain their sites since the city lacks the resources in this area. The Riverside tennis courts have an association consisting of wealthier patrons that staff, upkeep and even provide gardening for the those courts. Harlem had a local youth tennis club activists securing funds for a new June 2011 renovation. Brooklyn, on the other hand, had a bunch of local enthusiast looking up self help videos on how to resurface tennis courts and did the work themselves.


  1. Isn't former mayor Dinkins a huge tennis fan and Harlem resident? Couldn't he help set up a fund for the tennis courts at 135th St?

  2. Scott be careful of what you ask for. Mr. Dinkins see's himself as an elder statesman for NYC and as such is one of the several poverty pimps running around loose on Harlem that I have post about in other subjects. In other words unless he can derive some benefit from this (i.e., getting paid) I don't see him being altruistic and 'helping out' with such an endeavour.

  3. Curbed NY did a piece on Courts in Harlem - Called the Harlem Tennis Triangle. There is in fact more courts in or near Harlem than any other place in Manhattan or Brooklyn.