Thursday, September 23, 2010

☞ DRINK: Sports Bar Proposed at The Livmor

The other bit of FDB/8th Avenue news today is that new construction The Livmor Condominiums has a possible tenant applying for a liquor license at its ground floor retail space. This new building on the blocks between 115th and 116th Street has been selling briskly when it debuted on the market this year and the Harlem Sports Cafe appears to have plans for their lower floor storefront. There's not much else reported but it seems all the papers are picking up on this section of FDB's continual growth. Read more in DNAinfo: LINK. Check out our original review of the Livmor with some keen insights from a recent buyer in the comment section: LINK


  1. Wow. From famine to feast in a fairly short amount of time.

    Good to see this part of FDB coming along so well.

    Now if only Chocolat would lower its prices. Though I guess the increased competition will force them to before long.

  2. I do wish these buildings would plant trees and do some landscaping. They look so stark.

  3. I agree. I live in the livmor and find it funny that the other day i walked east on 115th from manhattan avenue and you could hear the birds chirping in the trees, but on FDB there are no trees or any sort of landscaping.

    As to a sports bar in the building, i guess as long as it is all indoor, not a bad tenant. And considering i hear people out and about until 2am now as it is, it could not really hurt. I would think retail space being full would be a good thing for being able to sell as no one wants to see empty storefronts.

  4. Curbed brought up a good point, there is a 200 foot rule that you need to be from a church, so since that exists as a part of the building not sure how they could get a liquor license.

  5. If you want trees just call the city and they will come and plant them as part of their million trees program, However since 8th Ave is just over the subway, there may be some restrictions.

  6. The buildings themselves could spring for some trees and plants in planters, especially if, as you suggest, the subway is a problem. Especially if the subway poses restrictions.

  7. SM: So the city itself won't install trees in planters where necessary?

    If it does fall to private parties, I would imagine it is necessary to obtain permission to put anything on a public sidewalk. Does anyone know how the process would be handled in this case?

    Perhaps what is needed is an FDB/8th Ave association or BID that could coordinate and support the installation of trees and other improvements, and perhaps also additional trash and litter clean-up.

    Sure, some individual buildings can (and will) take measures in their immediate vicinity, but far better if it could be organized into a much more comprehensive effort...

  8. I don't believe the City is responsible for anything other than street trees, no.

    I am simply surprised that the individual building don't tart themselves up a bit with some plantings to make the hardscape less barren and sterile.